Well I finally did it. I published a book for the first time. I uploaded a short novel on Amazon. Yes short and it still took me nine months to write and edit. Actually it took longer to edit than write. I think it was seven months of editing. Sheer torture, as I wanted to be writing other things. I know this is nothing new, it’s part of the process so I will try to embrace it. Anyway it’s out there now for all to judge and that’s the fear. Once I clicked publish my first thought was ‘what have I done’. It’s all fun creating the story in your head and typing away but when you make it public it’s is no longer your story. It is open to praise and criticism. But at least nobody can take away the fun of writing it. 

So it went up and I did what a swore I would never do. That was to check  my rating or how many downloads I had. Sometimes I would check twice a day. I know, sad right? I need to get a life. After a couple of days I had to ban myself from going online and checking. I have to look at it as children flying the nest. You can’t be ringing checking up on them every five minutes. Well, maybe not such a great comparison but you get the idea. 

I did two promotions one with bknights and I got a couple of paid downloads. The I ventured on with free for five days promotion. Of course I got a lot more but one day I combined it another bknights promo and I was amazed  at the results.

The days have passed and I don’t feel as nervous, even if I there are hardly any downloads due to the promo ending. I have decided to take a different approach to when I started. I will enjoy the process of writing and publishing. If people enjoy my work that’s a bonus and if they don’t it won’t stop me writing. 

Is there anyone else out there that has just started out? Even feel the way I do? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 


Pic: Scared cat is really scared きゃりこ / Kabukicho Shinjuku / Tokyo